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At the Australian Puppet Shop,  you can safely shop for Finger Puppets, Hand Puppets and Marionettes from leading brands all over the world.  Please click on "Browse Products" to the left hand side of this page to shop online.


Kaniva Puppet Shop is the retail store for the online Australian Puppet Shop.  It is situated in Kaniva on the Western Highway halfway between Melbourne and Adelaide in Victoria's West Wimmera, and is one of only a few puppet shops still operating in Australia.


It offers the visitor the opportunity to take a break whilst travelling to experience puppet demonstrations and a private marionette collection including one of the rare Australian mid-century Tintookie Marionettes.  Children can perform inpromptu puppet plays with puppets and theatre provided.


Puppets help the inner child in the adult shine through. 


The Australian Puppet Shop -The shop that makes you smile