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Using Puppets

Puppets and Children

Children play with puppets freely, using their hands, thoughts, language and feelings.  Puppet shows allow them to act out imaginative stories that have no bounds.


Puppets as storytellers

Our character puppets, animal puppets, finger puppets and marionettes provide a wide range of wonderful story telling.  Children benefit from the exploration of feelings and sense of accomplishment that acting out play affords.  Puppets and marionettes provide a wide range of actions and emotions which enhances the imagination and creativity in storytelling by children.


Puppets as therapy

Puppetry is used in psychology, as therapy in hospitals, in aged care as well as schools.  I meet many teachers through the Kaniva Puppet Shop who use quite a few puppets during the course of the school year to enhance instruction.  Children respond wonderfully to them, and they add lots of fun to their learning!


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